About Us


JILL WEINER began as a high-end Sterling Silver designer and manufacturer selling to upscale boutiques, Barney's New York and Chiarivari New York. She provided jewelry for wardrobe departments on the television shows Beverly Hills 90210 and the Guiding Light, and has created custom items for the film industry.

we make you look good

JILL WEINER assisted with the launch of the Wonderbra by creating miniature Wonderbra pins and chocolate Wonderbra treats

...and has taken jewelry undercover by creating a new niche market in the lingerie industry, custom designed jewelry for your bra. Bra Jewelry is any decorative metal closure, hook, slide adjustment, and sew on accent, including buttons.

Into 2020, we continue to supply numerous industries worldwide with custom made metal products that reflect the individual products and ideas of our many and varied customers.

We have been successful because our customers have been successful with products that we designed together, making each unique to them.